“Life Needs Everything in Right Quantity”: Arun Gupta, MoMagic

Rapid Fire with Arun Gupta, Founder of MoMagic

Belong to place: Delhi-NCR
Studied at: Did schooling from Ratlam, Engineering from SGSITS, Indore & Masters from COEP, Pune.
Company: MoMagic Technologies Pvt LtdWhat is your ideal day: Lazy morning, busy day and relax evening

What inspires you: 

What’s your favorite place on earth: 
My home and office

 What’s your favorite meal: Daal Bati
What’s the one thing you can’t live without:. My Breathe 😊. Jokes apart. Life needs many necessary ingredients so all in RIGHT quantity is MUST.

 What are things I like to do alone: Sleep

Last book I read: 
Life is now digital so I do not read books however watch lot of videos. TED is great source of information.

Which letter of the alphabet describes me best, how: D (Dreamer)

I never get tired of: 
Having a new Dream

What’s your motto in life: 
Life is simple and does not use complicated algorithms on simple things.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently: 
Missed flight while waiting at boarding gate.

How would you rate your memory: 8 on 1 to 10 scale

Can you write me a haiku about your week/ life journey:

Life is simple,
Don’t complicate with algorithms,
Dream and Work toward them passionately,
Balance all life  ingredients well …

Advice to budding Entrepreneurs: 
Passion to succeed; Sharp focus and dedication, Ability to learn.

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