Microsoft Garage introduces ‘SMS Organizer’ to simplify your SMS search woes

The Microsoft Garage Team, a project division that allows employees to spend their 20 percent of time on other projects, has introduced SMS Organizer app, to simplify your SMS search woes.

“SMS Organizer will now make it easier for users to manage their SMS by classifying and interpreting messages to help users focus on the ones that are important to them,” the team said in a statement.

The SMS Organizer App uses sophisticated Machine Learning algorithms to classify and interpret transactional, personal, promotional, and spam messages. Decluttering your inbox, SMS Organizer classifies your messages into Important and Promotional categories and places them in separate folders.

The app also ensures complete privacy for the user, as the SMS classification process happens fully on the smartphone device.

“SMS Organizer will also automatically show a rich card reminding you of your upcoming tasks like catching a flight or movie details without doing anything at all,” the company said.

The app also sets reminders for upcoming tasks such as catching a flight or payment of bills.

SMS Organizer is built to work offline also, without an Internet connection. The app is available for download on the Google Play Store.



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