“If not in IT, I would have been a Chef”: Nitin Kaushal, Avaya

Rapid Fire with Nitin Kaushal, Head of Commercial Business, Avaya. Nitin has been with Avaya since 2014, he identifies and recruits reseller partner, and he is actively involved in building and review of partner business.

Native Place: Patiala, Punjab

Currently located in: Gurgaon

School/College: ISB Hyderabad

Family: Parents, Married to Mukta and have 2 angels– 9yrs & 4 yrs

My most beautiful memory: Nothing beats the joy of becoming a parent.

In my next life what won’t like to do: repeat what I did in this life i.e would like to create a better work life balance/ be at home when at home.

My first job: Gave me confidence and taught me to ask questions without hesitation – Challenging the status quo.

My motto in life: If you think you can …. You can & Being yourself is one of the hardest things.

My role model: Have been influenced by people who I have worked with or seen them working and learnt from them…. these could be customers, partners, suppliers, senior, peers, team mates and more.

My favorite food: India food cooked in traditional ways at rustic Dhabha’s across the country highways.

My favorite past-time : Cooking for my family and Movies.

My favorite place : Anywhere with family/friends.

Most impressive book I read : Blue Ocean Strategy and What got

One weakness I have: Take people at face value

One compliment I would like to give myself : I accept myself…… no one is perfect but as long as you realize your shortcomings. / I am stronger than my worries.

I give the credit of my success to : Staying hungry and keeping focus, Lot of Hard work and some Good luck. Blessing from God, Family and guidance from seniors.

Social cause I engage in : primary education provision for under privileged kids.

I aspire to be in future : Keep creating value for self and people around me, continue to be trust worthy

If I were not doing this work, I would be : Running a restaurant or Cooking for sure.

Work for me is : Work means comfort, it means adjustments, is passion, is joy, creating success and learning from mistakes.

My idea of happiness: A smile on the face for no reasons, mentally at peace and living in the moment without thinking what next.

Message for the youngsters: Enjoy today, sweat it out to explore your talent………… the difference between winning and losing is not quitting.

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