Now Enjoy new ‘Secret chat’ feature with Viber

Messaging app Viber has added new feature “Secret Chats” based on Snapchat’s core messaging feature that first brought it success.

Viber for iOS and Android received the update Monday reports TechCrunch, enabling users to set a timer for their messages after which they will self-destruct.

The new feature also alerts a user if the person they are talking to takes a screenshot, another feature made popular by Snapchat.

Viber has also recently added a range of other new features that include an e-commerce button, public accounts, one-touch video calling, and disappearing multimedia.

The messaging app has over 800 million registered users, although it is unknown how many are active, and a strong following in certain parts of Latin America, North Africa, Myanmar and the Philippines, however it is has not achieved the same universal popularity as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

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