“Our partners are getting 70% more rebates this year” Anil Sethi

In a one on one with DQ Channels Anil Sethi India Chanel chief, Dell EMC shares the journey Experience of the first year of Dell EMC commercial business.


How would you rate the first year journey of Dell-EMC as a new single entity?
Dell’s global channel business is actually a large one and not many realize it is actually larger than the overall business of many companies. This fiscal we have finished an awesome Q1 and Q2. Globally, 50% of our partners are growing this year, while 70% are getting more rebates compared to last year. The reason why the merger happened was because we wanted to see the benefits for partners who were just selling EMC storage now start to sell Dell services, and vice versa. After the first half of the year, partners were selling 24 LOBs compared to 16 at the start of the year. And 80% of our partners are now selling both servers and storage.
Where are you getting the maximum traction from?
As I mentioned the first half performance has been really strong. We just finished
our H1 when we added 18k new channel business. The global channel revenue is up double digit this year. Dell EMC is growing fast. If we see the global figures we can see distribution revenue is up 11% over year. Our global channel server business is up 22% and our desktop and notebook business is growing 9% in a year and the channel business is 9% over a year. You can see the business through channel is growing quickly Dell financial
services is also growing very well. Many of our partners are using our leasing
solutions and lastly we send the survey to our partners and ask them than are
you satisfied working with us and the result are 66%. Lots of one partners are
happy in working with us. If we look at the IT industry our major competitor
the growth rate is much-much faster than our competitors. And if you look at
just a channel storage compiling all the competition we are still a big in figure.
so our first half revenue is large than any other IT brand in the space.
Please elaborate on Dells internal channel structure?
We have 20k partner in India that operates in IT industry. 4k out of that is Dell
EMC partners. We have introduced in the beginning of year the categories like
titanium, platinum and gold. So we have about 113 metal partner, 8 titanium,
45 platinum, and 60 gold partners. That is the way we categorized. There are 15 national distributors for us for the market landscape. And also we have 6 authorized national distributors. We have the global distributors like Ingram and there are local distis like Iris, HCL. These are few distributors who work with us. We have distributors in 300 cities with the population greater than lakhs. We are present in 6 active cities which are covered by our partners and 20 cities out of that are covered by our people and partners. We have 17 global system Integrators in the IT landscape and they are all registered with us. 40 infrastructure system
Integrators are registered with us and that’s a broad landscape in the country. And
there is 20 cloud service provider.
What are the verticals Dell EMC has reached out?
We have reached out so far in our business into the commercial, Enterprise and
channels. The channels across both the commercial and enterprise. In the enterprise
business we grew more substantially the channels participation were very
high. Basically there are 5 sub segments compromise to the commercial business.
They are house account market, acquisition, BFSI, Jio extension and Government.
So this is how our commercial business is all about.

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