Pursuite.com: B2B e-Commerce platform for Hotel Procurement soon to go live

India’s first B2B e-Commerce platform for Hotel procurement is all set to go live by end of this month. Designed to make procurement process experiential and seamless for hotels, guest houses and restaurants, Pursuite.com is an invitation only platform, where both hospitality vendors and buyers can register for free to conduct business. The portal which is already live for vendors for registration, will go live on March 25.

Informing this to Hospitality Biz, Avinash Garg, Head-Brand Relationship Management, Pursuite, said that the e-commerce portal is designed to eliminate all the bottlenecks associated with hospitality procurement both by the buyers as well as the suppliers. Currently, the buyers have to send 40 mailers to seek at least three quotations. After sending mailers, they have to send reminders as well as follow up telephonically with suppliers. With Pursuite, the buyers can place their requirement for as many items online. The system automatically and intelligently categorises the requirement and send out the requirement to relevant suppliers. The system also sends reminders on regular intervals to suppliers to respond with their quotations.

The portal compares the top five quotations and forward it to the buyer. Once the buyer selects the relevant three quotations, the system allows the buyer to negotiate rates and finalise it online via a chat box. There is a payment gateway built to enable the buyers to make the payment through the desired modes, Garg explained.

Once the ordered supply is packed, the shipment is picked up and delivered at the buyer’s doorstep by Pursuite. “The whole process can be tracked online,” Garg added. Pursuite will also be setting up warehouses where suppliers can avail space for storage of their products.

There is a “rating system” embedded in the system, which enables both buyers and suppliers rate mutually after every transaction. “We want to deliver maximum benefit to the buyers. Irrespective of the size of the organization, we want everyone gets the same benefit,” he added.

Pursuite will be working directly with the brands, rather than the traders, he informed. More than 80 leading brands have already joined Pursuite with 850 items available to begin with. They have plans to take the number of items traded to 30,000 in the next one year.

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