SAP Digital4Growth ‘IncTank’ to Invoke Inclusive Economic Growth

SAP SE announced a unique summit, Digital4Growth ‘IncTank’, (Inclusive Think Tank) to ideate and deliberate how Digital can be best leveraged to address opportunities that can accelerate growth in an inclusive and sustainable society.

With 462.1 million Internet users, making India the second fastest growing country in terms of social media penetration, digital technologies present a big opportunity to unlock its demographic dividend through right skilling and support, as well as drive inclusive economic growth.

In the first edition of the Digital4Growth ‘IncTank’-

  • Stakeholders from diverse sectors deliberated on the following areas where digital technologies can be leveraged best to address inclusive growth in terms of scale and speed:

o Digital Skilling and empowerment

o Bettering ecosystem for startups

o Building capacity to power new age digital transformation

o Imperatives for new technologies like AI to transform agriculture

  • The deliberations will be curated to arrive at actionable outcomes that SAP will incorporate in its programmes or support through partners
  • A progress of the actionable outcomes will be shared with the stakeholders

This collaborative engagement will continue to review specific areas of transformative inclusive growth that can be driven through digital technologies.

RPG Group Strengthens Digital Empowerment with Code Unnati

Code Unnati takes the next leap through a partnership with RPG Group to reach the socio-economically challenged citizens. Through this partnership, SAP along with RPG Group, will set up Code Unnati mobile vans in the towns of Savli and Samlaya in Gujarat along with 20 nearby villages. The project aims to educate school students including dropouts and women devoid of education.

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