SavvyMob to enter hotel operations with its budget hotel concept

SavvyMob Travel Solutions, an end-to-end travel solution provider for B2B SME businesses, and an aggregator of unsold inventory for hotels, is poised to get into hotel operations. The company is coming up with an innovative budget hotel concept in Goa on the Baga beach which is expected to be ready in a couple of month’s time.

According to Gappan Annamalai, COO & Co-Founder, SavvyMob, the company is setting up a 16-room ‘Box Hotel’, Box Hotel by GoSavvy, using Shipping containers. “We are stacking one on top of the other and building hotel out it. Goa is our pilot project,” he said. They are using 40 ft and 20 ft containers and refabricating it to make rooms and other facilities. The whole project will be completed in four months time, he added.

“We are not compromising on any experiential aspect associated with hospitality in our project. The average size of the rooms would be 230 sq ft. Out of 16 rooms, five are larger rooms,” he informed. The refabrication team is creating lot of innovative stuff through “upcycling” of many scrap items which will find fancy with “millennial” guests, he added.

In the travel business, SavvyMob has shifted their focus from aggregator of unsold inventory to end-to-end travel solution provider for SME businesses. “We are targeting this segment because they don’t have access to corporate rates. We offer end to end solutions for SMEs like  hotels, airport transfers, tours, activities, experience dinners, etc.,” said Annamalai.

SavvyMob has over 6,000 contracted hotels in India alone. “Our strongest markets are Middle East and South East Asia,” he said.

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