Shalimar Paints to remould Logistics & Field Management with LogiNext

LogiNext partners with Shalimar Paints to revolutionize their logistics and supply chain management processes by enabling their system along the lines of the latest in technology and big data analytics to track and manage their shipments. LogiNext offers them the best tracking and analytics tool in the industry through their award-winning products LogiNext Haul TM and LogiNext Force TM .

Shalimar paints is one of the oldest players in the industry, going back a good 150 years. They have sustained their business through many generational transformations, by staying in touch with the latest technology tools. LogiNext has partnered with them to direct them into a world of data analytics and real-time tracking with instant alerts and live delivery status updates.

Ashok Jade, CIO, Shalimar Paints , elaborates on the LogiNext value-add, “Optimizing and automating our logistics process is the key to cost reduction. Earlier we missed on realizing the true potential of our operations, as the processes were not IT enabled. Now, with LogiNext, we have in-depth analysis with detailed reports on every shipment. We can now track each transporter to figure the cost effectiveness of each of them, which helps us in vendor management”.

Describing the best features of Haul TM , he further added, “One of the key features is the hub load analysis. We have real-time tracking and regular updates for our shipments across all the hubs in the country. We can analyze the peak load deliveries at all these hub points. This helps us with scheduling the unloading processes at the destination hubs. We can manage the work hours around the expected time of arrivals of large shipments. This, again, helps in utilizing the resources effectively”.

LogiNext offers real-time tracking with regular alerts about the shipment as it moves to its destination.

Speaking of the benefits of regular alerts, Anil Kumar Pandey , Head of Purchase & Supply Chain added , “We can now track and decide on the optimized route for a journey. If a shipment took 7 days to complete a turnaround journey, Haul TM has reduced it to about 5 days. This enhances the returns from the used resources and gives the option of reusing them in quick time, adding to the cost saving potential.”

Commenting on the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) streamlining, Anil Kumar Pandey further added, “Earlier we had all our SLAs documented in our files, without any real way to measure or track the same. While handling our deliverables and our vendors we didn’t have data to back any mismanagement within the SLAs. LogiNext helped us with real-time tracking of all our SLAs, while streamlining our detention analytics and raising the overall transport standards across the hubs.”

LogiNext’s product Force TM assists with the effective management of the field workforce of any company. Sharing his thoughts on the utility of the same, Amit Tyagi, IT Manager of Shalimar Paints added, “The adoption process associated with such an integrated system was surprisingly negligible. LogiNext’s customer support did an amazing job helping us through the integration. Within two days we had trained our entire field workforce regarding the product. Now the salesperson can access the system through their mobile phones. They no longer have to come back to office in the evening, since they can just update the app. It has increased the sales opportunities tremendously as the time of each salesperson is far better utilized.”

Sharing his thoughts on the association, Dhruvil Sanghvi, CEO, LogiNext , said, “We dhruvil-sanghvi-ceo-co-founder-loginexttake pride in the capabilities of our products in terms of cost reduction and process optimization. Shalimar Paints has a rich history within the industry and our products have integrated within their systems to capture the essence of their supply chain. It has been a truly fruitful partnership”.

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