Ruchi Jha, imithila

“The Glass Ceiling Exists as Women Climb the Ladder”

A one to one  with rising women entrepreneur Ruchi Jha, Director Stretagy & Operation, iMithila
Note: iMithila is a brand that’s creating Madhubani art masterpieces & have an
online platform for Art lovers

The challenges of being a woman executive in a top role

Of course it is not a rosy picture initially. However as one exerts oneself and proves the
worth, it hardly matters if you are a man or a woman. The initial glass has to be shattered, thats it.


Educational Background

I am MBA Finance from K J Somaiya. Before going for MBA, I worked for TCS as a Software
Family Background
I am a first generation entrepreneur. Most people in my family work in Class 1 government jobs. That shall be true for most Bihari family.


Working in Male-dominated field of Entrepreneurship
The society worldwide is male dominated why only Entrepreneurship. But things are changing slowly, women in India are rising. We are taking up new responsibilities in
new areas. Women are proving their mettle in all spheres- Entrepreneurship too.


Does a Glass ceiling exist?
Yes, probably at fresher level the glass ceiling does not
exist. But as one continues to climb up the ladder, the
ceiling becomes apparent. It is difficult for team members
to adjust and accept initially. However with positive
approach, I don’t see it as a long term problem.
I enjoy reading books especially Crime thrillers. Last
one I read was on operations of Israel’s agency Mossad.
Since my husband works in Security and Investigations
industry, hearing from him has also further generated my
Future plan
Short to Medium term plan is to establish iMithila as the
market leader in Indian Ethnic Designer Brand space.
Long term is to keep doing the good work and financially
empower more and more Indian women.

Fitness Mantra
Eating right and a daily brisk walk
De-stress Mantra
Go on a long drive on Noida Expressway
Where do you like to Shop
I love to shop on Myntra. Mall of India is good too
Favorite Holiday Destination
My dream holiday destination is Hawai Islands and
Las Vegas
5 things you can’t live without
I can’t live without my iPhone, Laptop and Masala
Tea. And Of course husband at times.

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