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This necklace helps keep women safe in India

The necklace or bracelet can be tapped to send a signal for help. It’s no secret that India has problems when it comes to the safety of women. While the government has been taking steps to address the issue after horrific incidents and widespread protests, sexual crimes apparently continue to occur. But a Singapore startup is hoping to help women feel safer, as well as ensure they have help if they need it.

The company is currently working with NGOs and with police in cities like New Delhi and Mumbai. Recently, the government requires all smartphone manufacturers sold in India to have a panic button function installed.
The necklace will be available in different colours that have been designed while keeping Indian tastes in mind. The necklace can also double up as a bracelet and has a battery life of six months. Users can replace the battery when the juice runs out.
Smartfuture’s Ivy is a $75 (AU$100, £60) necklace that’s linked to a smartphone, and can be tapped to summon help from guardians or make a phone call. Audio is also recorded as needed. In India, the company is working with NGOs as well as police in cities like Mumbai to serve as guardians.

It follows a move from the Indian government to require all phones sold in the country to be equipped with a panic button function.

Smartfuture is also working on getting health care to the poor in India, tapping on chemists and pharmacies in Indian cities to let the underprivileged do a blood pressure checkup for cheap. Data will be stored on government servers using Smartfuture’s API. If discrepancies are detected, the patient will be alerted immediately so they can get a checkup done.


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