Verizon charged for using bouncers for firing employees

Last year we have seen layoff mayhem casting a big crisis over IT employees. And with starting of 2018 again it is in news but for altogether different reasons. Verizon Data Services India Pvt Ltd (VDSI) has been charged for unleashing bouncers while the process of firing employees. Reportedly, bouncers were used by the company during extracting resignations from the employees under pressure.

According to Madhapur Police in Hyderabad, a written complaint has been filed. Three employees have alleged that VDSI has hired bouncers and threatened them and asked them to sign the resignation papers.  “Since December 12, we were each individually called into a meeting room, where the bouncers were also present along with an HR manager. The HR manager brought in printed papers of the resignation letters on our name and asked us to sign those papers,” they said in their complaint.

When they sought time, the HR personnel rejected it. “When some of us tried to get up from the seat and move out of the room, the bouncers pushed us back and did not allow us to move. There was both physical and mental threat to us and the management coerced us into signing the documents. We would like to place on record that we did not sign the document voluntarily,” it said. A case was registered against VDSI under Sections 506 (criminal intimidation) and 341(wrongful restraint) of the IPC.

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