‘Visual Workplace makes business teams more effective’: Kumar GB, VP-Sales India & APAC, Prysm

Prysm was set up in the US around 8 years ago. It entered the Indian market last year and since then have already seen 10-11 customer implementations across large enterprises. In a candid interaction with The DQ Channels, Kumar GB VP-Sales India and APAC, Prysm Inc is talking about his vision and plans for India.

What is Prysm Visual Workplace solution?

Prysm Visual Workplace combines live content, applications, video conferencing, live sources and the web into a touch-interactive visual work space where teams can simultaneously create, edit, share and store content to maximize productivity, regardless of device or geographical location. It is the ultimate visual content engagement platform in the industry today.

Robust, yet easy to use and intuitive user interface, Prysm Visual Workplace makes business teams more effective from the first meeting. Prysm’s flexible, cloud-based software architecture ensures availability and access of all the content from virtually anywhere and any device including third party touch-based displays.

How is the company positioning itself in the enterprise collaboration market?

According to International Data Corporation (IDC India), the enterprise collaboration market in India has witnessed a growth during H2 2015 as compared to the market year-on-year. With an uptake in demand for workforce globalization, optimization and interactions, segments such as team collaboration, unified messaging, web & voice conferencing and mobility have become more important than ever.

At Prysm, we want to make collaboration as easy as possible for our customers and will go above and beyond to make sure they have every application that enables them to seamlessly collaborate with colleagues, customers and partners, no matter their location or device.

With the concept of Visual Workplace, we provide a standardized experience across the board, be it meeting rooms, huddle rooms or others. We offer a platform that allows a user to perform various tasks from video conferencing to content sharing altogether on the same platform. The most important feature of our solution is that everybody can simultaneously add, edit, remove and annotate the content without passing out controls to each other.

Our solution allows one to freely interact, edit content and walk away, the data is persistent in the cloud and one can start where he or she left off.  Also, Prysm is an open and agnostic platform; it is compatible with existing collaboration and video conferencing solutions. So, all the investment that a client has already made, be it for video conferencing from Cisco, Polycom, Skype for Business or Lifesize, our software integrates with it and works well.

Insights on Laser Phosphor technology to which Prysm holds close to 300 patents.

We invented a breakthrough display technology called Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) which produces immersive images and is customizable like no other technology in the world today. It uses a patented laser engine and a phosphor panel to create breathtakingly beautiful images with low-power, solid-state lasers. LPD solutions offer brilliant image quality with canvas-wide uniformity, unmatched viewing angles and the industry’s smallest environmental footprint.

Compared to other digital display technologies, Prysm’s solutions have the lowest total cost of ownership, using up to 75% less energy, and offer an array of advanced features, benefits and usage possibilities. The built-in, browser-based Display Manager software is the main interface for managing the display during operation. It makes quick work of configuring and adjusting the display through a rich feature set including noise reduction, edge enhancement, dynamic brightness, color temperature, and more. System health and its status is constantly monitored – alerting user about any problem during the system’s long life.

Looking at the traditional display today, in a typical boardroom configuration, there is a 25-seater table, with a projection screen and a VC input. If the chairman of the board or the head decision maker is sitting far away, he would not be able to see or examine a spread sheet or an analytical graph or other integrities of the document; this is the limitation of the current solutions deployed.

The LPD becomes the best immersion and real life looking technology, for large canvas in a boardroom or CEO’s office; for example one can set up the entire wall as the Prysm video wall, or collaboration video wall, where any type of content can be displayed and zoomed-in and zoomed-out, just like the way on a smartphone or tablet. If needed, one can actually start analyzing each cell-content. This takes the experience to a whole different level. The content can also be mirrored between multiple locations and devices using any infrastructure and irrespective of any screen size. This is where the laser phosphor technology becomes an integral part of the overall visual workplace solution.

Prysm and its USP versus any other solution available in the market; key aspects of Prysm Visual Workplace and benefits to businesses

Prysm Visual Workplace offers a unique and innovative environment enabling its users to access, edit and annotate all of their content and data at the same time; while many traditional systems allow you to only bring up one piece of content for review at a time, within a group setting.

Fundamentally, Prysm is able to unify face to face audio-visual collaboration along with the content from multiple sources and that is the differentiator for us. Ours is a content driven visual collaboration platform, providing relevant data insights which are driving all the decisions across industries. Prysm is a visual engagement platform for global workforces by bringing all sorts of content, applications and live sources together to single canvas.  Additionally, Prysm can also integrate Cisco Telepresence, Polycom and/or Microsoft Skype for Business into the Prysm visual workplace platform.

Moreover, Wainhouse Research, an independent market research firm that focuses on critical issues in the unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) market, has released its hands-on evaluation of Prysm Visual Workplace. The result concluded that Prysm Visual Workplace is powerful, flexible, and enterprise-ready, and offers an enterprise-worthy number of customization options to tailor to specific use cases. The study went on to state that even beyond that, Prysm is easy and fun to use and it takes much of the stress, and almost all of the complexity, out of real-time collaboration and brainstorming sessions.

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