‘We have the largest partner ecosystem in the IT world’- Microsoft

In a one on one with DQ Channels, Rajiv Sodhi, Commercial Partner Leader, Microsoft India shares about the programs being offered by Microsoft to its

What are the various channel schemes and initiatives in India?
Microsoft runs a variety of channel programs. Right from the first step where you could be actually a startup, we have a program called BiSpark which works with early stage startups. Early stage startups need lots of help in technology, they also need a lot of help in training in how do I start using technology. Again we do have marketing initiatives with them through a program called Jumpstart. The program name is not that important; the important thing is by these programs we support our partners right from their requirement, enablement, go to market and doing marketing with them. I would say all are program fit across these four buckets which helps the partners all the way through.
What is the total no. of channels partner you have?
We have 9000 channel partners. It’s probably the large partner ecosystem we have in the IT world. So in the 9000 partners you will find all 4 types of partners. ISV’s partners, SI’s, Manage service provider or channel partners.
Please eleborate on the ‘Future decoded on wheels’.
SMBs are often faced with the challenge of having access to and retaining skilled workforce, access to newer customers and markets and the need for continued investments and innovation. Microsoft is empowering India’s SMBs by providing reliable cloud based solutions that address each of the key challenges. The Cloud offers a better way of delivering superior services to our customers. Cloud technologies are secure, low maintenance and enable our SMB ecosystem to try new business models and make necessary iterations to these models, at a significantly lower cost. Future Decoded on Wheels as a format gives us the capability to drive awareness right to the doorstep of potential customers through this one of a kind experience.

What is Microsoft’s internal channel structure in India?
There is actually no internal channel structure. One organization we have which is called one commercial partner which is a single organization which looks after all kinds of our partners. Like we talked about all kinds it take care of all the four types of partners. It really takes care of 2 and 3 functions. It manages, invests, it takes them to market, do marketing. Not only this, if a partner want to drive any kind of demand in market we actually help them in that.
What is your future plan for next 12-16 months?
If you look in fact at the the whole year the focus has been on how we managed the partners. Most of our partners have been there for us for a very long time. Because Microsoft is always being very partner centric organization and now with the shift to cloud every partner needs support like how they will transform their business and start the journey with which we are going to support our partners through our terms, through our management we are talking about.

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