“We will work with all SIs on the India project” — Prabodh Vyas

In a conversation with DQ Channels, Prabodh Vyas, Country Manager at GCR (Global Channel Resources) explains about the company and expansion plans for India.

What is GCR Platform?

What we do is beyond match making, with the professional platform, all the automatic processes regarding business operation, including billing plan, account management, and cloud management (cloud hosting, service provisioning and so on) is done seamlessly with just a click.


Tell us about your product marketing?

With a powerful marketing engine, we support our customer present their solutions to our worldwide channel partners. Vertical-driven scenarios marketing and value-driven pitch that bridge the gap between product and market.

What is your GTM strategy?

We collaborate with worldwide cloud-based/networking solution providers to enable channel partners providing IoT solutions and cloud services.

Through our channel partners, we offer an IoT combination of smart connected hardware and software to serve end-customers.

We are ready to operate the cloud service subscription model on our Channel Partner Service Portal, offering automatic cloud service delivery.

What is channel partner strategy for India?

5 months back, we had started to expend our System Integrator portfolio from Mumbai. Now, we have more than 30 SIs in Mumbai. For Delhi, we had started 2 months back and targeting each city 10-15 potential active SIs.


Tell us about your major projects where you are working currently?

We have global operations and recently started India operations. We are working in 2 segments like IoT and Networking storage. New Projects are in the stage of acquiring and implementations. At the later stage we are looking for the government projects.


What is your comment on the Digital India initiative?

IoT is all about the Digital India. We want to go to the market through our System Integrators. The SIs who are working for Digital India initiative, we will acquire them all for the future projects.

What are the products you have in your portfolio?

IoT is all about monetizing and improving business profitability. We have in all smart devices related to IoT that generates lot of data and information which helps to grow your business and profitability.

What is your future roadmap for next 12 months?

We are going to expend in other cities in India. We are planning to add more and more vendors in our platform to give better solutions to our customers. We are planning our presence spread all across India started from Mumbai and followed by Delhi, Bangalore. By this FY, we will try to cover 8-10 major cities in India and planning 70-80% of business from our marketplace.


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