Top IT Associations in India - CMDA Delhi

In this unique Column in DQ Channels under Top IT Associations in India, we have covered the Computers and Media Dealers Association, (CMDA) Delhi and gathered deep information, and insights into the association, and Delhi IT Market.

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Top IT Associations in India - CMDA Delhi

Computers and Media Dealers Association Delhi

History/ journey of the Association.


CMDA was started in the year 2000. It was started with roughly 100 members. Till now the CMDA has 115 members. There were various issues, such as Intra-business-related issues. Dealers have issues with the principal companies, then they have issues with various government departments who are interacting with the businesses.

There were occasions where the association fought legal battles with the sales tax department, issues related to the legal assets, related to trademarks, prohibition to import without permission, where the association fought with OEMs. Due to multiple issues with another OEM regarding the way they were kind of scaring the channel with raids and all. Over the years things stabilized with the association’s efforts. Escalations were reduced as things were handled with maturity and tolerance.

Association activities in the last 6 months 


The association has a yearly family get-together activity, an event for the members as well as the family, and then two yearly meetings held there, where only members are invited. In March, CMDA has conducted a Business Informative Session, with Keynote speaker, Rajiv Chawla, Chairman of  IamSMEofIndia, who spoke with our partners.

List of Executive committee members of your association –

Puneet Singhal  President
Vaibhav Kalra   Vice President
Hemant Grover    Vice President
Manoj Khanna    Secretary
Pramod Rajpal    Treasurer
Aditya Mishra  Executive Member
Arun Goel  Executive Member
Banwari Lal Executive Member
O.P. Nagpal   Executive Member
Pradeep Mahendru  Executive Member
Rajesh Matto Executive Member
Sushil Arora Executive Member


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What are the primary business verticals for this market?

Computer and Media Dealers Association is mainly focused on computer accessories and media so we are mainly doing accessories and imaging or storage and like items like keyboard, mouse, printer cartridge, pen drives, and the related storage media and some of the members are into hardware as well.

Mainly members are doing this, some of them are system Integrators, some are into CCTVs, and most associations deal in computer accessories and peripherals. 


What are the different challenges/ issues with the vendors or customers?

Currently, there are some issues related to the MSME ruling, which is creating a burden for the partners, A new income tax regulation requiring companies to clear pending bills with MSME units within 45 days, if not paid in 45 days then that amount is added to your income, this is bothering the partners as it is quite new, so they are anxious about this ruling as they are used to old income tax regime. Duties on items, to promote Make in India members need items at zero percent duty, to sell products at affordable rates. These are the concerns that current members are facing.

Which are the top-selling services/products?

Printers, Speakers, and storage devices, among other computer accessories, are doing well in the market.

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