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Becoming a Cloud Partner: Journey of FutureSoft Solutions

In this unique segment of DQ Channels, we have covered the Cloud journey of FutureSoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd being a Cloud Partner from a traditional Channel partner. Vipul Datta, CEO shared his entire journey about how his organisation has moved to the cloud business, challenges, growth, and future vision. 

When and how did you move to Cloud Business?

FutureSoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd is an ITIL compliant organization with a presence as a consulting, technology and next-generation system integrator.

Since 1994, headquartered in New Delhi, Futuresoft is empowering its clients in over 450+ locations across PAN India, providing IT services that are customizable, dynamic and extensible in nature.

In 2016, Futuresoft came into the cloud business helping enterprises transform and thrive in a changing world through strategic consulting, operational leadership, and co-creation of breakthrough solutions.

What are the different Cloud services do you offer?

We provide consultation and deployment of private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud. We also provide monitoring/management and optimisation of cloud plan forms and managed services around it.

What sort of changes have you done to move to the cloud within the organisation in terms of Team, skill set, infrastructure, and others?

As a first step, we enabled/ trained and certified our customers, team members and created our cloud practice.  The engagement model with a client is being focused on solutions scalability and potential expansion needed to support the business growth which helps us to outline the solution framework.

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How are your old and new customers adopting the new technology and moving to the cloud?

Customer decisions are driven by factors such as cash flow/scalability of the solution and TAT for deployment, Readiness to use and cloud is the only platform, however, as their trusted SI partner it’s our responsibility to provide the holistic solution ecosystem to ensure cloud deployment is secured and accessible anywhere from any device. Hence cloud adoption is easy once we align it to the business and mitigate the risks during deployment.

What are the different challenges a partner faces during transforming into the cloud? 

The migration of existing apps and data along with secured access is the key challenge that we need to overcome for our clients.

What is your overall growth being a cloud partner?

We have seen cloud vertical grow for us 50% over the past 3 years and we are confident to sustain the same growth for the next 2-3 years as well.

What are your future goals?

Our future goal is to engage deeper with our clients and cloud vendors to achieve higher cloud adoption of our existing clients as they have already tested the power of the cloud and seen the benefit it brings to them on account of scalability and TAT for deployment.

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