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Becoming a Cloud Partner: Journey of Sam 7 Computers & Networks

In this unique segment of DQ Channels, we have covered the entire Cloud journey of Sam 7 Computers & Networks being a Cloud Partner. Sampath K. Iyengar, Chief Energizing Officer shared his entire journey about how his organisation has moved to the cloud business, challenges, growth, and future vision.

When and how did you move to Cloud Business?

Our Cloud journey had begun a decade back with Google Drive, where we had started keeping our data and syncing with our laptops.

What are the different Cloud services do you offer?

We use the most simple, Google drive which we configure for our customers and recently office 365 which has 1 TB built-in per user.

What sort of changes have you done to move to the cloud within the organisation in terms of Team, skill set, infrastructure, and others?

Moving to the cloud was a no brainer, no server. no complex configurations and the best existing staff were able to implement it

How your old and new customers adopting the new technology and moving to the cloud?

They have totally embraced it and now can access data from anywhere in the world across any device.

How many customers do you have in the Cloud space? What are their different verticals?

We have close to 25 customers right now, mostly are MSME, WFH and SOHO clients.

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What are the different challenges did you face in this journey? 

Our biggest challenge is to shift customers to a SaaS model as they were used to a lifetime model.

What is your overall growth being a cloud partner?

We have seen pretty decent growth being a cloud partner and since we can manage remotely, we could have reduced our staff.

What are your future goals?

Our future goal is to keep looking to expand working with our customers to provide Webhosting and e-mail needs (already doing the same ) but we want to scale up in the future.

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