Becoming a Cloud Partner: Journey of Infinize Corptech

In this unique segment of DQ Channels, we have covered the Cloud journey of Infinize Corptech Pvt. Ltd. being a Cloud Partner.  L. Prakash, Director shared

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In this unique segment of DQ Channels, we have covered the Cloud journey of Infinize Corptech Pvt. Ltd. being a Cloud Partner.  L. Prakash, Director shared his entire journey about how his organisation has moved to the cloud business, challenges, growth, and future vision. 


When and how did you move to Cloud Business?

Infinize Corptech Pvt. Ltd. is an IT infrastructure based company, with a mission to provide complete and best IT solutions and services on Cloud Technology.

We work for our clients in order to remove their obstacles and lead them successfully to their implemented projects.


We are available here to reduce the total cost of the ownership for Small & MediumScale Enterprise Institutions, Government Organizations, Schools, Hospitals, etc, by using CLOUD TECHNOLOGY, we are into this since 2011, with a huddle of happy


What are the different Cloud services do you offer?

We are Specialized in the below Cloud services,

➢ ERP Solutions in Cloud

➢ Centralized Data Management Solutions

➢ Tally On Cloud Solutions

➢ Email & Domain Cloud Solutions

➢ Disaster Recovery Solution

➢ SAP Solutions

➢ Application Hosting Support & Solutions

➢ VMware Solutions

➢ VPN Solutions

➢ Google Servers & G Suite

➢ Amazon Web Services (AWS)

➢ Azure

➢ Firewall Solutions

➢ Cloud Computing (WorkSpace)

➢ Endpoint Securities (EPS)

➢ Virtual Desktop Solutions (VDS)

➢ Email Solution

➢ Network security protection

➢ Cloud server hosting


What sort of changes have you done to move to the cloud within the organization in terms of Team, skill set, infrastructure, and others?

We adopted this change quite early through cross-skilling, upskilling and new adoptions via webinars, partner enablement desks and virtual training. Learning new technology made our team very engaged in Cloud technologies.

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How does Crayon Software help you to grow your business and customers?

The quality of service & the offers provided by Crayon helps us to boost up our billing services. They have a fine-tuning in Marketing Strategy which leads to pre-sales generation Crayon has a well-maintained employee management system & responsiveness Our satisfaction with their service is delightful. We look forward to doing business with them for years to come

How are your old and new customers adopting the new technology and moving to the cloud?


Cloud adoption is a strategy used by enterprises to improve the scalability of Internet-based database capabilities while reducing cost and risk, hearing more and more about cloud computing, knowingly or unknowingly customers have started adapting themselves to Cloud without even realizing it.

For Example: If we have used a web-based email provider such as Gmail or Hotmail, then they’re using the cloud. If they’ve ever used Skype video calling or video interfaces like Vimeo or YouTube, then they’ve used the cloud. If ever they’ve backed up data on the Internet rather than an external device, then they’ve used the cloud. These are the few strategies used for adopting the new technology and moving towards the cloud.

Based on these above strategies, We Started providing Free Trail Services for our customers. As we are Solution Providers, we mainly focused on reducing the total cost and risk factors for our beloved customers.


How many customers do you have, who are taking Cloud solutions and what are their different verticals?

We have around 30+ customers on the cloud across Industries such as Education, Medical, Technology, Manufacturer, Corporate services, etc, as of now they are using the below cloud service verticals:

• Accounting Application -Tally

• ERP Application

• App server

• Email solution

• Centralized Data storage

• Web Application website

• Mobile Application

What are the different challenges did you face in this journey?


Our biggest challenge is to migrate our customers to a Cloud Service as they were not used to it, but after cloud deployment, the approach worked well, and currently, cloud practice is one of the fastest-growing practices in our organization.

What is your overall growth being a cloud partner?

As a cloud partner, we have started to work in a very smart way instead of working hard and also we are exploring new ways to solve our customer’s issues.., along with that our employees are able to build up their capabilities to solve new issues which help us to reach out more organizations.

What are your future goals?

Businesses nowadays are seeking innovative ways to grow and accomplish their business goals, one among it is Cloud Service, with the help of it we are planning to expertise ourselves in Cloud also by increasing our annual turnover within a short span. The future of cloud computing is bright and will provide benefits to both the host and the customer.

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