Channel partners expect development in IT infrastructure from Bihar election

From the 5 phases, two phases of the Bihar assembly election are completed and the results of 81 out of 243 seats are sealed. The race for the Chief Minister chair is on a full swing as parties who are part of the election are claming for their victory and showing confidence in winning. Where Nitish Kumar’s and Lalu Prasad Yadav’s, ‘Mahagathbandhan’ is challenging NDA’s agendas i.e. ‘Change Government Change Bihar. On the other hand IT Channel partners have their expectations from next Government.

In an exclusive interview with The DQ Week, Channels partners of Bihar shared their views on Bihar Election.

Praveen Kumar, Director, Astric Computers, said “We are facing lot of business problems due to online challenges. Online is a major threat in our business practice. Our next government should think about this online challenge in IT market. Also, government should develop IT hub in Bihar. IT infrastructure should develop strategies for hike for the IT market”.

Abhishek Kumar, Director, Gigabyte Infotech added, “Government should think about the development and industrialization in Bihar. Planting new industries in Bihar will increase the demand of IT products and youth in Bihar will get employment. Government also should make a rule for implementation of MOP (Market Offer Price). Implementation of MOP will set the fair business practices in IT market”.

Praveen Kumar, Director, Magic Systems said, “We have to pay advance taxes and other taxes on transportation of goods, and online market directly send their products to their customers without giving and addition taxes, that is the reason to the sell their products in less price then us. Government should implement rule for the same where taxes should be charged for online market”.

Mrinal Singh, Director, UNO Digital said, “Our next government should think about the local IT infrastructure. Industrialization will play a major role in growth in IT market in Bihar. Also, without migrating to another city, new generation will get employment in after the setting of industries in Bihar”.

The remaining three phases in the election will be held on 28 October 1st and 5th November respectively, and the counting of votes is scheduled on 8 November.

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