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Exclusive Interview-Amit Luthra, Director-GM, Storage Solutions, Dell Technologies

Amit Luthra, Director & GM, Storage Platforms & Solutions, Dell Technologies India talks about the storage challenges and how to resolve them

Evolving needs of Indian enterprises with regards to storage demand

Amit Luthra – Organisations are re-looking into their IT priorities to ensure that their business stays relevant. Hence, the need of the hour is for storage solutions which are scalable in nature and can help to extract insights at affordable cost.

We provide our customers with an adaptable architecture that enables them to unlock the power of their data. Regardless of the structure or location of data, this solution also enables them to adapt and transform their IT without disrupting current operations.

Storage challenges for enterprises in the coming 1-2 years

Amit Luthra – The accelerated transformations have made businesses realise that amid the current times when the majority of the operations are online, they will have to deal with a pool of data. Whether it is about driving innovation, reaching their customers faster, or creating differentiation, organisations will need to store and manage data with best-in-class storage solutions. However, because of the quantity, growth & varied nature of the data sets, it presents as a challenge for some organisations, rather than an opportunity. In my opinion, some of the key challenges that organisations will be facing in the next few years will be –

Data explosion – The growth of data we are witnessing in this data era is tremendous and with more and more organisations taking the digital route, it is set to increase even more. The data generated will need to be stored in specific solutions, which will make it easier for IT teams to analyse and extract the maximum value out of it. But if organisations are not able to address the storage requirements of their data, it will create disruptions in the businesses, which can make organizations lose their competitive edge.

Varied nature of data – Today, data is being generated across multiple different locations and platforms. This not only makes it difficult to analyze but also store data, as majority of the data sets are different in nature and are mostly unstructured. Thus, storing data sets of different nature, coming in from different sources will be a task for IT teams to store and assess them, as per the needs.

I believe there are challenges. However, with the timely deployment of new-age storage solutions and a trusted IT partner, organisations can handle unprecedented data growth and deliver intelligent insights.

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What kinds of service providers are needed to help the enterprises in this?

Amit Luthra – The way businesses used to work has changed dramatically, leading to the generation of tons and tons of data and the development of innovative technology solutions, to harness the value of data. However, while going ahead with these changes at the core, businesses should also be constantly checking for storage solutions that are equipped with new-age capabilities powered by AI/ML etc and are reliable when it comes to harness and protect their data, across locations.

Hence, it becomes a top priority for CIOs to look for service providers, who would support them with a digital-first approach and would enable their IT transformation, as per the business’s requirement. Along with these, the service providers must offer them the latest technologies, innovative updates and experience to deliver new workload-optimized architectures to simplify IT. Additionally, the service providers should be able to assess the IT requirement on a regular basis and offer customized solutions to address the evolving requirements, at a minimal operational cost.

Do you train these service providers to keep pace with the growing tech?

Amit Luthra – We are committed to support and strengthen our service providers and partners. We offer them regular training on our product offerings and keep them up to date with the new trends and evolutions across the technology landscape. Along with this, we even make sure that our service providers’ business is not facing any challenge, and they are able to achieve their mapped goals. For us, the growth and development of our service providers/partners is a top priority and we have always partnered with them to address the evolving technology needs of customers.

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