Vineet Gehani, Director–Technology and Channels, Xerox India

Exclusive Interview: Vineet Gehani, Director–Technology and Channels, Xerox India

In an exclusive interview with DQ Channels, Vineet Gehani, Director- Technology and Channels, Xerox India shared deep insights on how has Xerox helped its partners sustain their businesses during COVID 19. 

What is the current scenario for Xerox in India?

Since Xerox India’s inception, we’ve consciously worked to solve workplace challenges of many industries. From banking and insurance, education, healthcare, and public sector, we’re used to pivoting and adapting our technologies to meet different needs – and we saw the opportunity to play our part in this global health crisis. We are serving as a solutions resource to customers and channel partners, navigating new business challenges during this period.

With the recent restrictions being lifted by governments and markets, we’re turning a corner and seeing a rise in business activities and transactions.

How has COVID-19/lockdown affected Xerox business in India?

Our diverse portfolio and cloud-enabled services have held us in good stead and allowed us to continue offering our customers uninterrupted value-added services.

The pandemic has catalyzed digitization efforts. We see many enterprises investing in transforming their infrastructures. There are increasing conversations with our customers about supporting them in their digital transformation journey.

How is Xerox’s portfolio helping its customers in such times?

We offer a unique suite of software, services, and apps that allow us to extend our desktop experience from the workplace to the home office and beyond. Powered by a secure cloud environment and a set of digitization and workflow automation tools, we can create and maintain a collaborative, efficient, and safe work environment. Using Xerox ConnectKey apps, Docushare Flex content management system, XMPie personalized communications software, and other cloud-hosted solutions such as Virtual Printing, allows customers to share information across their businesses no matter where people are located. We have tailored solutions for healthcare, education, and retail that support growing digitization requirements.

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A growth area in production technology is the print enhancement and one major breakthrough for the industry – propelled by Xerox – is going beyond CMYK. The change was kickstarted by speciality dry ink technology that enabled customers to create and deliver more value. Xerox took the lead in the space with the Iridesse Production Press.

We recently announced adaptive CMYK kits that allow print providers to offer higher value embellishment solutions in gold, silver, white and even fluorescent without a significant investment. This enhancement kit is now available for three entry production devices, in the Primelink and Versant range.

What are the challenges faced by the partners and how Xerox helped them deal with the same?

Growing and maintaining a business has been challenging during this period for our partners. We introduced a series of channel-focused initiatives to support business continuity and digitization efforts.

Some of these initiatives include:

  • Webinars and online training on personnel safety, product sanitization and safety parameters, emerging technologies and trends
  • Introducing products and solutions that support digitization and hybrid working to support demand
  • Training on virtual selling techniques – generating and converting new business leads

Our ‘Showpad’ toolbox is a dedicated portal for the partners providing product information, comparisons and other collaterals to support the sales process.

How much do you think about the profitability of partners during the COVID-19 situation?

Our channel partners are essential to our business. We work hand in hand with our partners to meet the needs of a market hungry for simple and practical solutions to business challenges. Currently, we have a 350+ strong channel partner network in India to ensure consistent world-class customer delivery.

We attribute our channel network’s growth and success to new initiatives undertaken to support channel business development. The success of our partners is at the heart of our decision-making and go-to-market approach. A significant number of our Covid-19 response initiatives are designed to help our channel partners maximize their revenue potential during this extraordinary moment in time.

What are the different schemes/ incentives programs for partners? Do you provide them with any support?

Our channel program certifies and rewards ​our partners, helping to grow and develop channel business. The certification process ensures partners have access to high-value products (such as production technology), reach higher levels in the programs, and receive greater benefits and access to cooperative marketing funds and rebates.

We have a team of channel managers who visit customers, discuss solutions and support our channel partners’ sales process. Through constant engagement, we evaluate specific support needs that are provided directly by Xerox or through partners, whenever feasible. The most recent program that has been launched for channel partners is Xerox ACE Account Acquisition Program, where channel partners can further earn incentives on any incremental business recorded with Xerox India.

What trends do you see for the near future?

Companies need to support hybrid working models and ‘back to the office’ plans and require tools that bridge digital and physical environments with an increased focus on collaboration, productivity and IT security. And this is where we can help.

Xerox’s Future of Work survey shows an estimated 82% of the workforce in respondents’ organizations will have returned to the workplace in 12-18 months, on average. In preparation for a return, companies are investing in new resources to support a hybrid remote / in-office workforce, with 56% increasing technology budgets and 34% planning to speed their digital transformation as a result of COVID-19.

What association should customers have when they think of Xerox?

Xerox has always been known for quality and is synonymous with innovation in the industry. A pioneer and leader on many fronts, our undivided focus is on bringing in innovation to be able to cater to customers of all segments.

We pride ourselves in being a leading technology company focused on building and integrating software and hardware for large and small enterprises that have long defined the modern work experience.

What are the plans in the coming years?

We are investing in new technologies to drive our core business while expanding into adjacent markets.



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