BD Soft and Cyral Partner to Protect Cloud Data in Indian Markets

BD Soft has partnered with Cyral. This collaboration moving towards reducing the risks, simplifying complexities, and minimizing costs associated with managing structured data.

Bharti Trehan
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BD Soft and Cyral Partner to Protect Cloud Data in Indian Markets

BD Soft Cyral Partnership

BD Software Distribution Ltd. has partnered with Cyral, a platform dedicated to aiding enterprises in securing and governing their data in cloud environments. This collaboration is geared towards mitigating the risks, simplifying complexities, and minimizing costs associated with managing structured data.


It targets the escalating needs of Indian businesses as they shift to cloud infrastructures, while also prioritizing compliance with stringent data privacy regulations. Cyral's automated governance mechanisms, access controls, and finely-tailored authorization policies serve to notably bolster BD Soft's comprehensive security solutions.

This strategic alliance signifies a concerted effort to fortify data protection measures, ensuring that businesses can confidently embrace cloud technologies without compromising on security or regulatory compliance.

This partnership underscores BD Soft's dedication to data protection, enhancing its value proposition by expanding into new market segments concentrated on cloud data security. Cyral's platform is meticulously crafted to seamlessly scale alongside dynamic cloud workloads, allowing organizations to adeptly address evolving security demands.


With Cyral's innovative solutions seamlessly integrating into BD Soft's current offerings, the collaboration empowers the company to provide a more encompassing security portfolio. This enables BD Soft to meet a broader spectrum of customer requirements effectively. By leveraging Cyral's cutting-edge technology, BD Soft reinforces its commitment to delivering robust data protection solutions and solidifies its position as a trusted partner in safeguarding sensitive information in cloud environments.

This strategic alignment not only strengthens BD Soft's market presence but also signifies its proactive stance in addressing the evolving challenges of data security in an increasingly digital landscape.

Rajiv Warrier, Vice President of BD Soft, emphasized, "We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Cyral, a leading innovator in data security solutions. With Cyral's robust platform, we can now provide comprehensive protection against data breaches, unauthorized access, and compliance risks, empowering our clients to safeguard their sensitive information with confidence. By combining our expertise with Cyral's cutting-edge technology, we're confident in our ability to offer our clients unparalleled protection for their data assets in the cloud.”


Commenting on the partnership, Manav Mita, CEO of Cyral, said, “We are excited to announce our partnership with BD Software Distribution Pvt. Ltd. With BD Soft's extensive network and expertise, we can deliver our innovative technology to a wider audience, empowering organizations to strengthen their data protection strategies and mitigate cyber risks. Together, we are poised to revolutionize the way businesses protect their sensitive data in today's complex threat landscape.”

As regulatory scrutiny on data protection and privacy intensifies and cyber threats continue to rise, security leaders nationwide are proactively seeking robust solutions for Database Activity Monitoring (DAM), Data Masking, and Data Access Governance (DAG).

In response to this growing demand, the collaboration between BD Software Distribution Ltd. and Cyral represents a significant milestone. By joining forces, the partnership significantly extends the accessibility of Cyral's advanced data security governance platform to a wider audience.

This collaboration not only addresses the pressing need for comprehensive data protection solutions but also underscores the commitment of both entities to providing innovative and effective security solutions in the face of evolving cyber threats and regulatory requirements.

Through this strategic alliance, organizations can enhance their data security posture and better safeguard sensitive information, thereby mitigating risks and ensuring compliance with regulatory mandates.

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