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Why Social Media is an important platform to sell products?

Social Media has turned into an essential and influential resource in today’s fast-paced digital world. The virtual space has the potential to reach a large number of people within seconds in an attempt to find the target audience.

With approximately 59% of the world’s population having a presence on social media, it has become an extremely important platform to sell products. Whether it’s a small business or a big multi-national company, social media has become a necessity.

Here are 7 reasons why Social Media became an important platform to sell products:

1) Social media platforms effortlessly help in connecting sellers to buyers, increasing the awareness and reach about the brand among the masses, and boosting sales. More than three billion people use social media every day, and engagement keeps on increasing day by day. It has become a fast, inexpensive, and effective way to reach almost half of the world’s population.

2) Social Media has eased up the chaotic process of receiving feedback and customer care services. It has provided a convenient and accessible platform to express customer’s opinions in a systematic way that ultimately helps the sellers in filling the loopholes in their business. Sellers are able to view complaints, responses, reviews and comments and provide solutions and support to customers which thereafter helps them in gaining authenticity and reliability.

3) Selling online is extremely cost-effective from an economist’s perspective. Functioning online saves up the money that one would have invested in infrastructure, location, bulk staff, and maintenance etc. All a seller has to do is log in, create an account, advertise and sell. Advertising and shipping charges would still be comparatively less than physical mode charges like rent, hiring bulk staff etc. This cost-effectiveness has ensured a greater return on investment for sellers.

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4) Social Media makes sellers and businessmen more aware and conscious about the marketplace and its situations. Whether it’s tracking down activities of the sellers across the world or keeping a tab on the latest trends. Social media is a complementary research tool that has the potential to establish one’s identity within months.

5) In the competitive market, it is extremely important to observe competitor’s actions. Social media has made this task much easier. In order to ensure the best outcomes for the seller, digital marketing strategies should be made keeping into consideration the strategy of competitors. It has played a crucial role and has helped the sellers immensely.

6) Advertising correctly and effectively among the masses of the online audience has time and again proven to give the best results. Offline advertising is comparatively costly and not entirely effective. On the other hand, digital marketing for sellers is extremely affordable and eye-catching, which helps their business to grow.

7) Ultimately, online platforms and social media are less time and more energy-consuming. Administrative work that takes weeks of paperwork can be done within minutes. Artificial intelligence does the job of presenting the right fit for the right audience. High-tech technology has made human’s work easier and it now takes less effort and energy. All these factors make online selling definitely more effective and better than offline selling.

By Aditri Priya, DQ Channels 

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