Top IT Associations in India- ISODA

In this new and unique Column in DQ Channels under Top IT Associations in India, we have covered the Infotech Software Dealers Association (ISODA).

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IT Associations in India

In this new and unique Column in DQ Channels under Top IT Associations in India, we have covered the Infotech Software Dealers Association (ISODA) a national association for software SIs, dealers and partners. We have gathered deep information, insights of the association, and software market in India. 


History/ Journey of ISODA as an Association.

ISODA aims to bridge the gap between Software Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers.

In today’s world, Information is the key to success. ISODA is helping all by providing access to all relevant information to its members on the diverse subject such as various tax laws from Sales Tax, Service Tax, Income Tax, Excise and Custom laws, new technologies, business trends, sales organization, aligning partner to address their growing issues to serve customer spanned across the country.


ISODA was formed in 2008 by enthusiastic entrepreneurs, who felt it necessary to set up a forum to:

  • Exchange ideas and thoughts for a better tomorrow.
  • Protect the interests and rights of the members and community.
  • Negotiate with the statutory authorities collectively.
  • Identify ways and means to increase productivity, profitability and reduce bad debts
  • Provide guidance on tax and legal issues
  • Provide a platform to share information and ideas
  • Recognize and consolidate issues
  • Engage with Partner-Ecosystem for positive closure of issues faced by members
  • Identify new opportunities and prepare for threats
  • Encourage and spread awareness in India in the following areas:
  • The relevance of IT to day to day lives
    1. Piracy and how it could impact the community in particular and Society / Economy at large
    2. Careers and opportunities in IT.
    3. Provide its member with the guidance of Do’s & Don’ts while conducting business in the form of code of conduct & best practices for doing business with distributor & vendor community
  • Training and Education
    1. Learn about Software Products and Licensing
    2. Taxation / Compliance awareness
    3. Best Business Practices
    4. Best Human Resource Practices
    5. Challenges and Opportunities on the horizon
    6. Increase awareness among public and PC dealers about the benefits of owning/selling original software

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Association activates in the last 6 months.

  • Representation to Finance Ministry on the challenges faced by partners during COVID-19 and take appropriate measures like reduction of GST, postponement of TDS payments etc.
  • Representation to Vendors during COVID-19 to support like the reduction of price and payment terms etc.
  • Representation to Distributors during COVID-19 regarding extended payment terms.
  • ISODA as Skilled as possible Webinar Series.
  • Publishing Interconnect every Month.
  • Webinar on Labour Law by Adv. S. K. Sharma on 23rd May.
  • Webinar by ISODA Tax Advisor on 1st Aug.
  • West Regional E-Meeting on 24th Apr.
  • Webinar by Perpetuuiti on 28th May.
  • Webinar to Members on Sophos products.
  • South Regional E-Meeting on 20th June.
  • East & West Regional E-Meeting on 11th July.
  • Rajasthan Regional E-Meeting on 29th July.
  • North Regional E-Meeting on 29th July.
  • Created ISODA member’s directory for efficient collaboration.
  • Created new look Website of ISODA.

List of Executive committee members of ISODA.

Name Designation
Amarnath Shetty Chairman
Rajeev Mamidanna Vice-Chairman
Manasi Saha President
Dnyanesh Kulkarni Vice President
Vimesh Avlani Secretary
Ravi Jalan Treasurer
Ajay Bhayani Regional Secretary – West
Pradeep Daga Regional Secretary – South
Atul Modi Regional Secretary – North
Manish Agarwal Regional Secretary – East
Jitesh Chauhan Regional Secretary – Gujarat
Dhiraj Vijayvargia Regional Secretary – Rajasthan
Bhaskar Kalita Regional Secretary - North East
Murthy N Regional Secretary – Bangalore
Krishna Kalagara Regional Secretary – Hyderabad

How is the market performing in the last 6 months?

 It’s known the world over that COVID 19 had a bad effect on business and economy across verticals. IT industry is not an exception. As per a survey by leading research firm, there has been a moderate effect of COVID for the IT industry but the reality is different as customers are still averse to decide anything on new investments. However, it is a mixed response from our partners in terms of business depending on the solutions they offer.  There has been a demand for WFH solutions, IT security solutions, Communications & Collaboration platform tools, Cloud solutions, Hardware, Laptops etc as more and more people opted for WFH. As most of our members are into subscription-based business and provide varied solutions, many of us could sail through these challenging times but with a lot of hard work and customer mindshare/support.


What are the primary business verticals within ISODA members?

As we are a Pan India association we have varied verticals for this market, but we found more mindshare in the service sector, IT/ITES pharma, Healthcare and media etc.

What are the different challenges/ issues with the vendors or customers?


Challenges with Vendors:

  • Even vendors are facing issues in terms of non-availability of customers on time which is affecting the business.
  • Vendors could have extended the payment terms to partners.
  • Renewal cycle could have also be extended.

Challenges with Customers:

  • Negotiation on payment terms & demand extended payment terms.
  • Negotiation on pricing.
  • Non-availability of customers.
  • Reduction in new investments.

Which are the top-selling services/products?

  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Cloud services
  • IT Security during WFH scenario
  • Financial Advisory Services
  • Remote Consultations & Medical Advices
  • Remote Coaching
  • Virtual Assistant Services
  • Business Coaching
  • Data Analysis

The number of active members in the ISODA and their top principles.

 All our 200 plus members are active and all of us together we deal with all hardware and software vendors.

How may cloud partners in ISODA as a member?

We have more than 100 plus members who focus on cloud. However, every member has his own cloud strategy and deal with cloud services as per customer requirements.