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In this new and unique Column in DQ Channels under Top IT Associations in India, we have covered the All Delhi Computer Traders Association (ADCTA)  New Delhi and gathered deep information, insights of the association, and Delhi and NCR IT Market.

History/ Journey of ADCTA- New Delhi as an IT Association.

All Delhi Computer Traders Association (ADCTA)  is based at New Delhi‘s Nehru Place which is the  Biggest  IT  HUB  in India and world 2nd largest Computer Market. It started its activities since 1985 and is the registered association since 2002, contributing to enhancing the Delhi NCR’s IT products and the Computer Market. We strictly believe in Friendship Behavior and Fraternity.

ADCTA objective is to strengthen the Dealer and Distributors Network and its Goodwill in the Competitive and tempting on line Seller Portal market whose intention is short term and only to gather the customer data and take big foreign Investment and exit.  We could easily understand it by seeing that may E-Commerce Portal vanished or transferred their rights, and many vendors not accepting the payment gateways due to the fraud in bulk transactions.

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Association activates in the last 6 months.

Apart from doing the above mentioned regular activities with the need of the time, the ADCTA  has done the following additional work as the last 5 months was the  CORONA  PANDEMIC Period.

  1. Cleanliness and Sanitization of Nehru Place for the safety of all persons
  2. Providing food packets throughout the entire lockdown periods, both time (Lunch, TEA and Dinner ) to all the security Guards, Sweepers, Building maintenance People, etc. who lives in Nehru Place during the day.
  3. Guidelines issued after forming an opinion of all members for  (a) Salary to Staff/ workers,   (b). Rent to the Shop Owners and its maintenance (c). Restructuring the Payment Schedule between RD/ND/Distributors and Dealers.
  4. Conducted various Web Meetings, and Educational
  5. Collected Fund for PM Relief Fund and Delhi CM Relief Fund for Corona
  6. Honoured Contributors to the Relief  Fund with the Certificate from the ADCTA.
  7. Few Members participating as the member of  Delhi GST Market Support Committee constituted by Delhi Govt. and conducting review every month.
  8. In some work, we took together other associations for mutual benefit and harmony.

List of Executive committee members of ADCTA- New Delhi.

ADCTA New Delhi

Mahinder Aggarwal                         President

Swaran Singh                                       General Secretary

Ashok Agarwal                                    Sr. Advisory Committee member

KS Oswal                                                 Sr. Vice President

Arvind Yadav                                         Vice President

Sanjay Walia                                           Secretary

Jiwan D. Jain                                          Vice President

Shanti Lal Daga                                   Jt. Treasurer

JP Aggarwal                                           Vice President

Sanjay Maheshwari                            Secretary

How is the market performing in the last 6 months?

Out of the last 6 months, 5 months is the Corona Pandemic Time, and first 3 months of it is Lockdown period.  So, no doubt, it is tough for all IT Product sellers. But, there is a positive side of it also that people feel  IT products as a Necessary Necessity in their Life and Work From Home and Study from Home culture became the way of Life across all Businesses or professions and Corporate, MSMEs as well as Students. Hence Laptop, Tablets, Video Conference Products, Networking, Internet-related products were sold in huge quantities. On the other hand, regular IT Projects of  Corporate were abandoned for a few months.

However,  due to the heavy sale and scarcity of Goods, due to non-import, the prices of the goods increased very much, which compels the user to postpone the purchase if possible. But the good news is that it gives birth to the Make in India concept in IT products also. However, we had got some relief that some big manufacturers had started import of products again to feed the requirements.

Campaigns regularly run by ADCTA towards cleanliness, steps taken for GST regime and taxation, different brand journey and their prime distributors and dealers, IT Innovations, GST and other tax Structures and clarifications, and circulated through its 7 different Whatsapp groups of different type of coverage which includes awareness about GST and other tax guidelines, products availability and prices, meetings, social and cultural work, educational cartoons and quiz related to IT world etc.


ADCTA encourages love and brotherhood among the traders, and have successfully established Fraud Alert campaigns to stand strong and disseminate awareness about the Scams / Frauds among the members.

Also, we alert all the member constituents of any party(s), whomsoever have indulged in any such counterfeit activities, with any Member constituent of All Delhi Computer Traders Association.


To safeguard all the members of the ADCTA against phoney Companies or Parties, All Delhi Computers Traders Association has determined to bring the names of all such fraud parties/company(s) in the spotlight, along with an advisory to all the traders/dealers  “Not To Deal With The Companies / Parties Listed On The Website”.

What are the primary business verticals in ADCTA- New Delhi and nearby market?

All Possible Product lines and Business segments are being catered to by ADCTA members as per their modus operandi, i.e. Distributors, Sub Distributors, SME, Corporate, Government and Semi-Government Projects, and  Service Sector.  End Corporate and individual customer or home users too are being attended by different Members.

What are the different challenges/ issues with the vendors or customers?

Challenges are an integral part of any business and it provides opportunities for growth.

  1. Predatory Pricing by E-Commerce portals is the biggest challenge that conventional trade is facing today. Unfortunately, all OEMs / Vendors are tacitly supporting or preferring those cash-burning portals, which is a threat to channel as a whole. Moreover, the goods return policy, makes the customer more confident to buy, though it is harmful to the other customer, who get those same goods repacked.
  2. During Corona Pandemic, Non-movement from Home, compelling people to buy from the online portal.
  3. Back-end Incentives commitments are not being honoured by some Vendors, under some or other pretext, which hits channel very hard.
  4. Payment stuck, scarcity of goods and less sale in this lockdown and Unlock situation has put a severe blow to the  IT product dealers.

In the interest of the Traders at large, All Delhi Computer Traders Association is acting as the Solution Provider by adding the traders, dealers and distributors in their ambit to amicably solve the issues for the smooth functioning of their business and services.

ADCTA is instituted with an objective of protecting and defending the genuine problems arises from the different statutory and commercial authorities.

Which are the top-selling services/products?

Delhi being National Capital of India, and the Most Populated  City along with its surrounding very  Large Area of NCR has the highest potential in the Country. It is being distributed through the channel of T1, T2, T3, Dealers, Sub dealers, resellers, whom many are the  ADCTA Members. Naturally, all possible IT Products are being dealt with by our Members, without any limitations. This includes Servers, Desktops, Laptops, TAB, Smart Phones, All In Ones, Networking, Video Conferencing products,  Printers, Scanners, Security Products, and Software and services including re-engineering, maintenance, repair, etc.

What are the different business verticals in the nearby market?

Being the capital of India, and having an Industrial belt in the entire NCR. One would be surprised if any particular business vertical in terms of Products or services are missing from the biggest IT HUB of India. We cater to all IT needs.

The number of active members in the association and their top principles.

Everybody is active when his turn comes up. We get active support of  500+ Dealers in Delhi NCR area whenever we had some work on any agenda.

How may cloud partners in your association as a member?

Many ADCTA members are either the partners of the Cloud service provider or having their Own Cloud Data Centers in India and across the world.  Some are dealer /partner of the Cloud products and service providers. Most of the IT Big companies providing Cloud services have their base in Delhi NCR  (mainly New Delhi, Noida and Gurugram).

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