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DQ Channels under Top IT Associations in India has covered the Uttaranchal IT Traders Association (UITTA) an IT association from Uttarakhand for SIs, dealers/resellers and partners. We have gathered deep information, insights into the association, and the software market in India. 

History/ journey of UITTA.

With the formation of Uttarakhand in the year 2000, UITTA came into existence as an IT torchbearer for the newly formed state between top OEMs of IT hardware and software companies.

The Core aim was to put the state into the mainstream on the road to success and to build a path for the talented IT professional of the state who otherwise was moving to another state in search of a career.

In continuation to that UITTA managed to bridge the gap and is now in the top 10 states in terms of IT infrastructure. With its dedicated effort to bridge the gap UITTA has created a value-added platform between states IT dept. and IT companies and professionals, keeping the welfare of its member is the top priority.

UITTA was formed with the following points in mind

  • A common platform for the IT professional for exchange of ideas
  • Built a strong PLATFORM FOR THE STATE IT professionals
  • Mutual consolidation of issues with the association members.
  • Creating a safe and secured environment for partners
  • Provide a common voice for the members against any kind of negativity
  • Work as a bridge between state statutory and its members
  • Create a value-added association by empowering each and every member and encouraging them to contribute their part in the development of IT infrastructure.

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UITTA  activates in the last 6 months.

  • Organised Cricket matches for the partners.
  • Blood donation camps
  • Active participation in COVID 19 relief works in coordination with the State health dept. and health organizations.
  • UITTA organized Webinars during the lockdown period to keep the members at par with new trends and utilizing their time and energy in the right direction in challenging times.
  • UITTA with its super-active acted as a bridge between state Govt health dept. and COVID care centres to ensure proper information regarding the availability of Hospitals, beds, blood, Plasma, life-saving drugs, oxygen for the community.

List of Executive committee members of UITTA.

Anuj Sangal- President,

Shekhar Mahadevan- Vice President,

Gurmeet Singh Juneja- Secretary,

Pravin Narang- Treasurer,

Satbir Singh Roulaniya- Executive Member,

Dhiraj Singh- Executive Member.

Vijay – Executive member

IT Associations in India

How is the market performing in the last 6 months?

The IT market was in zoom during JFM and April, but the sales got some hit due to lockdown, but the services providers and online support market were in zoom. The sale of Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, SSDs, Webcams and collaborative communications devices was on an all-time high as per the inputs received from the members. The market was very upbeat with the splurge in IT demand only accept the complete lockdown period.

Primary business verticals of partners in UITTA.

With almost all kinds of products and service partners in the association, UITTA partners serve majorly in the IT retail and government business.

Different challenges/ issues with the vendors or customers.

Challenges/issues with Vendor:

  1. Disrupted supply chain.
  2. Though the vendors extended their best possible support payment period could have been extended.

Challenges/issues with customers:

  1. A lot of customers switched to online buying and preferred online platforms and worse they negotiated rates based on online rates.
  2. Delayed payments by customers

Top-selling services/products.

The top-selling products in the Uttarakhand IT markets are PCs, laptops, webcams, SSDS and printers.

Different business verticals in Uttarakhand city.

Education, the healthcare sector and the public sector are the major business verticals in Uttarakhand.

The number of active members in the association and their top principles.

UITTA has 126 active members. UITTA members have almost all major brands available in Uttarakhand as principals including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Canon, Brother, Canon, Microsoft, Tally, Epson, Toshiba, and many more.

Cloud partners in  UITTA as members.

10% of the association are engaged in cloud business depending on the demand of the user and their business proposition.

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